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Liquid damage repairs

Liquid Damaged Logic Board Repairs, how does that work?

Only a few repairshops are open books about their liquid damage repair-process, but Captain Mac will explain what the repair-process of Logic Board entails on this page!

We have years of experience in repairing Logic Boards and have acquired lots of highly advanced microsoldering-equipment, giving us the edge and a high succes rate of 90%.
We know what we’re doing, which is why a 12-month warranty on all Logic Board repairs is standard.

And it’s exactly for those reasons a lot of (large) repairshops outsource their Logic Board repairs to Captain Mac.

Below you’ll find what we can do for you or your company.

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Under the microscope...

First thing we’ll do after taking apart your Mac completely, is a visual inspection of the Logic Board with the microscope.
This Amscope microscope delivers a 40x optical zoom, making even the tiniest micro-damaged components visible.
With the aid of extended schematics and boardviews for each specific type of motherboard, we can examine exactly what type of damage there is to each component and its function.

Multimetering for good measure

We’ll check for short-circuits and verify the workings of separate components with a multimeter. Defects due to damage that would otherwise be visually missed, can be found by measuring resistance or voltage on other components.

Microsoldering affected components

With the aid of our Hakko and JBC microsoldering-stations, we can repair or replace the affected components. These can be either so-called ICs or the traces leading to them that need restoring or require running jumper wires.

Hot Air Station

Some components on the Logic Board ask for a heavier approach, this is when our Quick Hot Air Station comes in. With this, we can desolder and replace components with multiple pins or BGA chips, or reflow affected solder-joints.

DC Power Supply for analyses and finding shorts

With a lab-powersupply we can see how much current your Mac is using, this gives us an idea of the category the problems are in.
We’ll also use it to generate current-flow in certain circuits to find shorts (shortcircuit to ground) in the Logic Board.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The final step is to ultrasonically clean the Logic Board. 
This removes any residue leftover from soldering (flux) or any still present dirt under BGA Chips. Our large Crest Ultrasonic cleaner imported from the US does the job perfectly.
This step in the process makes sure that the corrosion is stopped and is the reason we can offer a standard one-year-warranty on all our liquid damage repairs.


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