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MacBook Repairs

MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air repair

From simple issues like non-functional keys to liquid damaged Logic Board repairs on a component level; at Captain Mac we repair everything in your MacBook.

Listed below are a couple of common repairs. Is your issue not mentioned here? Contact us and ask your question.

Contact us immediately

Liquid damage to your MacBook

Spilled something on your Mac?
Water, beer, wine, a coke or a tea with or without sugar: your MacBook won’t like those as much as you do..
Resist the urge to try and turn your Mac on, and switch it off immediately.

Best thing to do is hold it upside down and contact us as soon as possible.
We are specialised in liquid damage repairs, which is the reason why multiple other repairshops outsource their liquid damaged repairs to Captain Mac.

We have a page dedicated to liquid damage repairs explaining everything about our process.

Keyboard on your MacBook not working?

In 90% of cases, this is the result of (minor) liquid damage, but can also be caused simply by some keys (partially) coming off.

The keyboard of every MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air can be replaced.
At a lot of repair shops, they’ll tell you that the entire Top Case (the lower half of your Mac) needs to be replaced; that’s simply not true. Because we replace just the keyboard itself, also on the newer Retina models, we keep prices low and affordable.

On some models, like the MacBook Pro Retinas from 2014 and 2015, a defect in the TrackPad or TrackPad-cable can be the cause of a non-functional keyboard: in that case a repair is even cheaper.

Logic Board (or: motherboard) defective?

At the Apple Store, Amac or a lot of other repairshops, you are often told that you need a new Logic Board.
A lot of the times, your existing board is fixable!
Why replace the entire board if only a couple of faulty components can be swapped?
Here are just a few of the common fixes we do: 
• Burnt components due to use of imitation-chargers
• 2010 MacBook Pro with Kernel Panics
•2011 MacBook Pro with defective videochip
• 2012 MacBook Pro with no image or GPU-kernel panics
•Logic Boards that won’t power on at all
• Liquid damage to all types of Logic Boards

Battery of your MacBook needs replacing?

We replace all batteries on all models MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.
Does your Mac not last as long anymore without hooking it up to the charger? Then it’s time for a new battery.
Sometimes your Mac will remind you itself by displaying ‘Replace Soon’, ‘Replace Now’ or ’Service Battery’ under the battery-icon in your menu-bar.
It could also be that your MacBook won’t turn on at all unless you connect the charger, or that your Mac won’t recognise the battery.
We stock all types of batteries and will replace them for you.
Make an appointment and we’ll do the repair while you wait.

MacBook with a broken screen/display

Accidents happen. Shit happens too.
We’ll replace the broken screen for a new one. If you make an appointment in advance, we’ll do the repair while you wait in most cases.

Also, Captain Mac will help you if you’re having one of the below issues:
• Weird spots in the display
• Vertical or horizontal lines in your LCD
• Coating on your Retina screen is coming off
• Display shows image, but no backlight

Your MacBook boots up to folder with a question mark?

This is not your Mac’s way of asking how you are.
Your MacBook is looking for a startup-disk, but can’t find one.
That can mean your hard drive or SSD is defective.
Unibody MacBook Pros from between 2008 and 2012 are very prone to a defective hard drive flex cable.
Walk in to our shop for a quick diagnosis.

MacBook Trackpad not responsive

TrackPads are nice.
What’s not nice is if you’re experiencing one of the below issues:
•Non-clicking TrackPad
•TrackPad not tracking your finger-movements properly (you had one job..)
•Shattered glass surface of TrackPad

Walk in to our shop
 for a quick diagnosis.

MagSafe Port on your MacBook defective?

The charge-port, charger-connector, power-connector; in Apple-lingo this is called the MagSafe Port.
When your Mac charger is not giving a green or orange light any longer, there is a high chance that the MagSafe Port is defective. Captain Mac stocks most types of these.

Walk in to our shop for a quick diagnosis.


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