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Is your MacBook|MacBook Pro|MacBook Air|Mac Mini|Mac Pro slow or did it stop working?

No worries, Captain Mac repairs all Macs.
Whether it’s repairing your Mac from liquid damage, damage due to dropping it, or it simply stopped working altogether suddenly, or whether you want an upgrade because your Mac became slow: Captain Mac will help you out!

Captain Mac has been repairing Macs since 2009

There are no issues on the Mac that we haven't helped a customer with before.


Our shop is located in Kanaal30, thé creative hotspot of Utrecht.

On the site, you will find Café Keet, so should your repair be finished shortly, have a coffee while you wait. Submit your repair

What Captain Mac does

Whether it’s repairing a liquid damaged or drop-damaged MacBook, your Mac simply stopped working altogether, or whether you want an upgrade because your iMac is slow: we’ll help you out with all your Mac-troubles.

Captain Mac helps with: Liquid Damage|Battery replacement|Logic Board issues|Display issues|Trackpad issues|MagSafe Port issues|Keyboard issues

Why choose us above the Apple Store or Amac?

We’ll fix anything, even when your Mac had liquid damage or fell down.
We don’t have weird policies for support: here, your Mac won’t be called ‘vintage’ after just 4 years and declared unfixable!
No repairs that last weeks; it will be fixed within days.
Captain Mac repairs Logic Boards (motherboards), why replace the whole board if it can be fixed for way less?

Captain Mac does all their own repairs and doesn’t outsource anything (unlike Apple and Amac), keeping prices low and no inexplicable delays.

Repairs & Upgrades

Logic Board issues?

Why replace the entire motherboard in your Mac if only a few components on it are defective? We have years of experience and advanced micro-soldering equipment, making sure we can fix practically any Apple Logic Board.

Liquid damage

In the case of liquid damage, most of the times there is also corrosion on the Logic Board. We replace the damaged components an circuits on your Logic Board for a fraction of the price of a new Logic Board.

Hard Disk defective

Your Mac boots up to a flashing question-mark folder? Or is it just very slow? We’ll replace your hard drive for a fast SSD and also recover all your data.

Battery replacement

After some usage, your battery is wearing out. Maybe your Mac shuts down randomly, it simply won’t work for longer than half an hour, or it cuts out when the MagSafe charger is removed. We stock most types of batteries and replace them in all types of MacBooks.

Keyboard not working

Certain keys not working? Power-button not working? We help you out by replacing the keyboard. We replace just the keyboard and not the entire Top Case for the newest MacBooks, saves you a lot of money.

Display issues

Did your MacBook fall down and the screen is now cracked? Or you’re simply not getting any image on screen? Captain Mac replaces every screen on every Mac.

Repairs & Upgrades

We can help you with

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage to your Mac is problematic because it can corrode sensitive electronic components. At Apple’s ‘Genius’ Bar they’ll often quote you for a so-called ‘Tier 4’-repair (the most expensive repair) : you’ll pay anywhere from €700-€1200 for a replacement Logic Board.

At Captain Mac, we think this is total bullshit, because almost always, your existing Logic Board is perfectly repairable for a fraction of that price. We’ve got advanced micro-soldering equipment with which we can revive practically any Logic Board. So did you accidentally spill a glass of water, beer or Coke on your MacBook? Turn it off as quickly as you can to minimize the damage and drop by for a free estimate of the costs!

More information about liquid damage and repairs? Liquid Damage

We’ll repair anything!

Even with liquid damaged or drop-damaged components.
Say bye-bye repairs that last weeks, it will be done within a couple of days.

Free Estimates

Drop by for a free estimate of the repair-costs anytime.

Captain Mac doesn’t outsource

(unlinke Apple and Amac) We repair everything ourselves, keeping prices low and avoiding inexplicable delays.

What do others say of Captain Mac’s Service?


Excellent, 4.7 out of 5 based on 62 Google Reviews

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You’ll find this in the Apple-menu ( in the upper-left corner) under ‘About this Mac…’ Your Mac won’t turn on at all? Check the bottom of your MacBook or the bottom of the stand of your iMac.



After sending your message, Captain Mac sends you a confirmation-email. You can hand in your Mac personally, or mail it in.